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Tallest wind turbines in US going up in southern Texas

The newest wind farm being built inTexas by Duke Energy will not only produce 200 MW of electrical power but also have some of the tallest wind turbines in the country.

Duke’s Mesteno farm will produce electricity for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and be located in Starr County, deep in far southern Texas. Mesteno will also be the company’s fourth wind generation facility in the county.

The turbines will be 590.5 feet tall, harnessing stronger winds to increase wind energy production. The project will also bring Duke Energy’s Renewables’ U.S. wind capacity to more than 2,500 MW.

Construction of the wind farm will mean the creation of nearly 200 jobs. Once completed, Mesteno will deliver more than $16 million in tax revenue over the first decade of operation. The farm will produce enough electricity to provide power for nearly 60,000 average homes.



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